9 Tips for Evergreen Videos in Virtual Learning

They seem to be timeless, those videos of some of the world’s best teachers: Bob Ross at the canvas, Sal Khan teaching polynomials on his blackboard, and Bill Nye presenting scientific concepts like the one below.

Let’s talk strategic pedagogy for a bit. Here are nine quick tips.

When To Use Evergreen Videos

  • Introducing a topic
  • Giving a different perspective on a topic
  • Providing meaningful repetition
  • Prompting a discussion or reflection
  • Providing a reminder before applying a concept or skill

How To Use Evergreen Videos

  • Stream on a Learning Management System like Google Classroom
  • Send in an email
  • Share screen during a video meeting with learners
  • Post on a class forum or discussion board

In Monday’s post, I’ll share important characteristics of an effective evergreen video – whether you’re looking for or making your own videos.





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