Action, Finishing Strong, Empathy, and Impact

This is a mashup of season 1 focusing on Action, Finishing Strong, Empathy, and Impact on Learning. Topics include:

Dynamic Teams

A dynamic team is a group of people that you gather for a specific end goal. It could be:

  • Problem-solving recent staff survey data.
  • Brainstorming reasons why reading scores are stagnant.
  • Following-up on the need to increase communication on campus.

The great thing about dynamic teams is they don’t develop politics. They aren’t permanent positions, and they’re designed to accomplish a specific objective.

They are probably the most underused, yet powerful tool in your principal toolkit.

The Instructional Plan

The instructional plan is the one page plan that addresses the instructional and curricular priorities for the coming year.

It’s based on a handful of your key performance metrics, and should focus in on a priority area, which then leads to a thematic goal.

Never start a school year without it.

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