An Amazing Daily Question for Principals

At the end of each day I try to ask myself. “Were people the most important part of my day?” If not, how do I change that for tomorrow. Some days are tough. This work is tough. But teachers and students need us!

-Tracy Bratton

Sometimes it’s the simple things that make the biggest impact on learning (for students and professionals).

Those things that impact people almost always impact learning. Unless you’re teaching an AI robot, this game requires more than coding.

We know, without doubt, that relationships are critical for student learning. But what about for professionals?

Do your actions speak to the importance of your people? Here’s a quick list of ways to value your staff:

  • Be Transparent: “Look, we’re facing a need to raise reading scores, and frankly, I feel like we’re doing everything we can. In your view, what is not working?”
  • Ask for Feedback: Value people be listening to their thoughts and beliefs. Surveys, conversations, 2-minute meetings for feedback, a Monday email asking for it, an anonymous dropbox…
  • Host Events: Who says work has to stay at work? Host occasional, low-key and high-key events to forge social bonds and memories with your people.
  • Keep It Simple: Passes, jeans, gifts… these are great, but really, it’s the habitual, routine daily interactions that communicate that you value your people.

Were people the most important part of my day? If not, how do I change that for tomorrow? @asbellprincipal

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