Category: Leadership

  • Starting Over is Smart

    Imagine climbing a mountain your whole life only to make it 2/3 of the way up at the age of 70. You look up and notice the peak is still steep and far away. But the nature of life is that you also know time is limited. It’s further to go back down and find […]

  • When the Wind Blows

    When the wind blows, like really blows, and you’re in a boat, you have two options – go back in or head out away land. Option 1 has the dangers of strong currents pushing you into the shore or into structures. Option 2 helps you avoid the danger of land but introduces the danger of […]

  • When Holding Back is a Mistake

    Sometimes it’s timidity, sometimes fear. Occasionally it’s lack of skill, and usually it’s just trying to be nice – trying to maintain relationships. Because relationships matter, as you well know. That’s why Dr. TJ Vari and Dr. Joseph Jones are targeting 9 traps of giving feedback – traps that damage professional relationships. In this video […]

  • Masterclass Is Now Open!

    This is a limited seating professional learning opportunity. It’s a Masterclass from Principals’ Seminar featuring authors, superintendents, and educational leaders TJ Vari and Joseph Jones. You should consider registering. Here’s why. Compassionate Candor Creates Success You have audacious goals. But the reality is – you’re never going to accomplish them without mastering the craft of […]

  • With Feedback, Less is More

    As with most things, less is more. This is especially true with communication, but not less quantity of communication (redundancy is good). Less words is more effective. Think of this. Your communication includes numerous aspects beyond words: Eye contact Body language Attitude The delivery Listening (not just to the positive parts) Tone of voice What […]

  • Landscape Scale Crisis

    We’ve lived and worked in a landscape scale crisis – COVID 19. No matter where you are in Earth, you’ve been affected. Shutdowns, disinformation, threat of contracting, and unfortunately, human loss. A landscape scale crisis has the effect of changing how we work, create, and lead. It also has a keen way of giving us […]

  • 3 Simple Questions For Returning Staff

    Yes, there are unprecedented changes that your school may not be ready for. However, there are also simple leadership moves you can take to lead during these times of change. One of these leadership moves involves leading with questions. Here are three simple questions to ask your teachers as they return to school this year. […]

  • Change is a Product of Work

    “Culture does not change because we desire to change it. Culture changes when the organization is transformed – the culture reflects the realities of people working together everyday.” Frances Hesselbein To better understand change, and its 5 stages, read Readiness for Change a Principal’s First Step in Change Leadership.

  • Identity-Based Decision-Making

    Often we contemplate our decisions based on benefits and costs. It’s a practical methodology. But it’s not the only way to make decisions. Another way is identity-based decision-making. This is an approach that helps you avoid distractions and stay focused on your vision. It’s the idea that you take on identities throughout life and during […]

  • Environment Feeds The Change

    Before March 2020, when we sought to create change, we would consider tweaking the environment to create the change. Environment feeds the change. But now, the environment is the change. Instead of envisioning a change and then tweaking the environment, we are in a place where the environment has changed and now we are adapting […]

  • Going Against the Tide

    I just returned from three days of offshore sailing. Among the many lessons learned, this lesson is for leaders, and it’s about going against the tide. Ships coming in with the tide have the benefit of being able to move: Faster with lesser effort Forward while remaining in idle speed. Seems good, right? Well, there’s […]

  • For Those Who Dig Deeper

    You find time to meet with one more person. You find the energy to write one more blog post. You do the things that fall outside of the calendar because those extra minutes are may be small now, but you know they compound. And it’s the compounding of your efforts that make the difference 6 […]

  • Management Before Leadership

    Cults have leaders. Gangs have leaders. Dictatorships have leaders. Leaders wield influence, power, or other forms of socio-psychological leverage to achieve objectives. To be clear, leadership is not “bad”. But in schools and other social sector organizations, leadership is not the key to success. Management comes before leadership. And together, they form a foundation for […]

  • 3 Lenses to Build Self-Awareness

    Daniel Goleman, in his ground-breaking book*, showed us three lenses or perspectives to consider when increasing self-awareness: Emotional Self-Awareness: Labeling one’s own emotions and measuring their impact. Accurate Self-Assessment: Reflection is not enough. This is about reflecting accurately on our strengths and limitations. Self-Confidence: Understanding your worth and the value you’re able to bring to […]

  • Circles of Influence and Concern

    There are ideas, processes, and people that are within your circle of influence. Those are deserving of your time and energy. Then there are those ideas, processes, and people that you might care about or are interested in, but they lay outside of your circle of influence. These are within your circle of concern. Your […]