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  • Embracing Change as the Currency of Life

    Change is a constant in life. Often, change can be intimidating or uncomfortable. Believe me, I know. In the past 5 years, I’ve changed from school administrator to full-time digital nomad. My areas of expertise went from designing curricula and supporting teachers to traveling oceans and helping schools and small businesses find new horizons for […]

  • 9 Quotes About Discovery

    Yesterday’s post with the quote from da Vinci inspired today’s post about discover. Sometimes the best moments, and the best learning, happen as discoveries. So here are 9 quotes about discovery. “The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.” ― Mahatma Gandhi “The real voyage of discovery consists […]

  • If you are not willing…

    If you are not willing to learn, no one can help you. If you’re determined to learn no one can stop you. ??? I’m not sure who said this originally. Often it’s attributed to Zig Ziglar but can’t verify it. Either way, it’s true. Determination is more valuable than curriculum. Determination is more valuable than […]

  • Infinite Pie

    There are those who see competition. Then there are those who see collaboration. The first believe that there’s a pie, and it’s a race to grab one’s own share of it before it’s all gone. The latter believe that when we work together, we create more pie. Which are you? The takers of a finite […]

  • When Things Are Tough, Just Know

    When things are tough, just know you’re able to read this blog post, which means it’s not over yet. Hang in there. You’ll do great. Everything’s going to work out. ____________ And if you feel like it’s beyond tough, like it’s the end of the road, it’s okay to step back and dream again.

  • Dying on the Dock

    For two days straight I’ve discovered a dead fish on the dock. At some point in the middle of the night, the fish jumped out of the water and accidentally landed on the dock. I’m sure there was a bit of struggle as the fish fought for that suffocated breath. Sure, it was a minor […]

  • Sit Still and Be Inspired

    Sometimes I’ll sit still and simply wait to be inspired. The rest of the time I put in so many repetitions, that 1 out of 1000 is “inspired”. Being inspired is different than work that is inspired. What do you do to find your best work?

  • Simple Removals for This (and any) Week

    It’s the things you say stop to – those things you remove – that free you to do your next level of work. Recently I stopped, and asked the last question for, my podcast. In addition to you big stops, there are also frequent removals. Things to remove in your life starting Monday morning: ⛔ […]

  • Every New Frontier Needs Boundaries

    We could argue whether or not the American frontier of the late 1800s benefited from barbed wire. But ranchers realized boundaries gave peace of mind and increased productivity. This new frontier of emergency distance learning is free and open. However, it needs boundaries. Don’t be afraid to set your own. Take care of yourself.

  • Glimpses into the Future

    We often catch glimpses into the future. In the moment, those glimpses appear as challenges, chaotic events, or overwhelming obstacles. The reason we perceive chaos or challenge is merely because the future is drastically different than our current reality. What challenges are you facing? What obstacles do you see? Adjust your vantage and you might […]

  • Now, About That Blank Check

    $43,800 is a pretty solid deposit, especially if you make it monthly. I deposited my 43,000 today on April 1st. And so did you. They aren’t dollars. They’re better. They’re minutes. 43,800 minutes ready to spend this month and each month. What will you do with you 43,800? ________ PS – Happy April 1st! I […]

  • I Found a Blank Check and Cashed It!

    I found a blank check at my door and decided to write a random number on it. $43,800. Then I deposited it in my account. I figured that would be a good amount. I’ll let you know how it goes and if the money stays around.

  • It’s okay if you get it wrong.

    Really, it’s okay. There’s no shame in getting it wrong. There’s no reason to feel bad all. You made a move, and you missed it. That’s life. Actually, that’s learning. It’s okay if you get it wrong. You can dig valuable learning from it. You tried. You put your heart into it. You acted and […]

  • The Genius of Persistence

    The genius of persistence is that it buys time: Time to garner feedback Time to adjust Time to reapply and employ Time to decide when to go and when to stop Time is our greatest asset, and it’s bought by the genius of persistence.

  • The Nuances of Distinguishment

    The days apart are starting to all look alike. All this social distancing is making the days stick together. Monday is hard to distinguish from Sunday. It’s kind of a blur. The days may be a blur, but you don’t have to be. Your work doesn’t have to be. Some people try to distinguish themselves. […]