Champions Finish Strong

The pace on any campus is relentless. It’s not day to day or week to week. It’s moment by moment – minute by minute, and for this reason (among many others) we are exhausted near the end of semester 2.

That’s the nature of the game.

But like in any game, it’s the finish that counts.

You are building something great, you are not just doing a job. You are doing meaningful work. You are doing good work.

Build to the end. Create to the final moment. Make no mistake, each minute amounts to a lifetime in impact.

Don’t subtract or take away. Don’t let up in this final stretch. Push yourself hard, support your staff more, and celebrate success often. Add. Multiply. Push to the final bell. It’s worth it.

You are here because you’re a hero. You’re a champion, and champions finish strong.

The last slow dance is the best. The final straw is the deciding factor. The final count determines the knockout. The capstone is the defining piece. The signature is the final stroke.

End of the School Year | Last slow dance is the best. Final straw is deciding factor. Final count makes the knockout. #edleadership #edchat

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