Changing Teachers vs Changing Leaders

If you Google the phrase “changing teachers,” it will return 472,000,000 results.

If you Google “changing school leaders,” it will return 658,000,000 results.

Most of the web content related to the search for “changing teachers” deals with ways to make teachers change.

Most of the web content related to the search for “changing school leaders” does not concern itself with ways to improve school leaders. Rather you find:

  • How the Best School Leaders Create Enduring Change
  • What School Leaders Need to Drive Change
  • Planning and Leading Change

Create, drive, plan, and lead change, but very little is focused on embodying it.

472 million + 658 million = over 1 billion

Is it strange how the focus of about 1 billion pieces of content deals with how to change teachers? Very little deals with how to change the leaders.

And we wonder why teachers are leaving the profession and are experiencing teacher burnout like never before.

Remember, not everything new leads to success.