No Peaks, Cycle of Summits

There are no peaks, only one summit after another. It’s a cycle of summit to summit, from win to win, and mountain to mountain.

Peaks are like positions. They give perspective and teach lessons.

Positions are launching points to new responsibilities…to new perspectives. Positions are not power. They are not goals.

Positions are like Peaks, Leadership is Different
My view of Long’s Peak from another summit in the Rockies (July 2018).

If you climb a mountain with the sole desire to reach the peak, the climb will frustrate you. The pain of your back and the pain in your legs will be just that – pain. Your lungs start to strain at 10,000 feet, and at 13,000 feet you breathe, but the oxygen is thin. All of this will be too much if your sole desire is to reach the peak.

The process, the views, the preparation, and the journey are the real goals (just like the real lessons). And in them, the real benefits of going from summit to summit.

Positions are the same.