Don’t Be Afraid of Endings

The funny thing about endings is that they are natural. Yet we seem to constantly fight the inevitability of an ending.

However, when we embrace the idea that endings are necessary part of the process – the process of growing, the process of getting better, the process of life – then we readily accept the presence and the looming nature of an ending.

The question is, are you ready for and aware of what is ending in your life?

Is it a particular instructional program that you’ve implemented? Is it a particular strategy or practice that’s common in your school? Is it your own habits thoughts or ways of doing?

The areas in which we experience endings really are unending, but our awareness of what’s ending next is quite possibly one of our greatest skills.

It’s a skill and ability that allows us to adapt, innovate, and move courageously into the future.

Don’t be afraid of endings.