Drop the Grenade, Grab the Spotlight

We all know, and have been told, that feedback is essential to growth.

It’s not completely untrue, but there is something not quite excellent about feedback. It’s almost like feedback is about focusing on flaws in order to improve.

It’s as if feedback is about filling in gaps…lifting up to a standard instead of pushing beyond a standard.

Call it criticism, call it corrective feedback, call it constructive feedback, no matter what you call it, it’s like a grenade. The person giving the feedback tosses the grenade over the fence and walks away. Whereas, the person receiving the feedback is in pieces.

It’s time to drop the grenades. And grab a spotlight.

I’m convinced that if you focused on 10 spotlights per day, your school will be thriving after 30 days. A spotlight is when you highlight the things that are going great with someone’s practice.

Shine a light on your teachers, and let their strengths flourish. Leave the grenades in the ash heap of educational leadership history.