Educational Leadership, At What Cost?

A quick Google search revealed the following:

  • 1,030,000,000 results for Educational Management
  • 454,000,000 results for Educational Leadership

That might be shocking considering the trend in the last decade to replace all vestiges of the term “management” in education with the more amiable and aspirational term “leadership”.

I revised the search to include only the past 12 months of results.

Then I saw what was expected.

Internet Average Weekly Searches (100 point scale)

The term Educational Leadership was searched approximately 400% more frequently than its older and slightly more matured concept of Educational Management.

At what cost?

There is a cost in every shift. There’s always a cost to eschewing one zeitgeist for another.

I wonder what the cost is in terms of:

  • Developing management acumen?
  • Improving the efficiency of our learning organizations?
  • Averaging out the meaning in the word Leader?

Education Leadership? Yes.

But at what cost?

What is Educational Management?

Educational management is both a field of academic study and a collective group of professionals that includes principals, teachers and other education professionals. (

What is Educational Leadership?

Educational leadership is the process of enlisting and guiding the talents and energies of teachers, pupils, and parents toward achieving common educational aims. This term is often used synonymously with School leadership in the United States and has supplanted educational management in the United Kingdom. (Wikipedia)

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