Empowering People, Bring Out the Best

[pullquote align=”normal”]You don’t empower people by showing how powerful you are, but by showing how powerful they are. Marlena Gross-Taylor [/pullquote]

When a leader steps out and serves, she quickly discovers people are not judging as much as you might think.

Putting others first – putting people first is the surest way to build a culture that empowers (here’s research on empowerment). It’s not about self-preservation or self-interest. It’s about empowerment.

Anxiety, failure, and perfectionism take power from others. They stand starkly in the way of a human-centered approach to school culture and school leadership. 

These negative emotions and habits of mind create a defensive posture. They lead to the politics of power. On the other hand, service, support, and humility lead to a culture of empowerment.

Be the one who empowers. Be the one who believes in people. Be the one who supports and serves.