How to Create Your Vision for a School

This post details how to create your vision for a school.

There’s a difference between your vision for the school and the school’s vision. Both are important to a school’s success, but how do you define your vision?

One quick method is to start with a rectangle. In the upper left hand corner place today’s date. In the lower right-hand corner place today’s date five years from now.

Under today’s date describe where you think the school is now. What is the current reality?

Under the date, five years from now, list 5-10 words or phrases that describe what the school could/should be like. These aren’t goals. Don’t think data. Think descriptions:

  • What will it look like when you walk the halls and classrooms?
  • What will it sound like?
  • How will people interact and what will people work toward?
  • Who’s involved?

Think broad. Think audacious. Think about meaningful work – real impact.

Now think of two to three possible pathways to connect today to five years from now. Literally, draw connectors between the two corners and plan out overarching strategies. This is where equifinality comes into play.

After the board is filled, write a one-sentence summary.

That’s your vision for the school.

Now the key is involving your team in the same visioneering process for the school, so they can share a collective vision. It’s okay for it to be different than yours. That’s the power of multifinality.

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