Immediacy, 5 Ways to Use It

Immediacy is an important concept to school leadership because it is an actionable way to lead with empathy. It has an impact on people. It creates a sense of community and trust.

Let’s see immediacy in action.

Father A: Spends one day each month with his daughter.

Father B: Spends 20 minutes each evening with his daughter.

Both of them can create a quality relationship. But Father B has more immediacy. It’s a greater sense of involvement. It creates a detailed sense of knowing what’s going on.

To use immediacy in school leadership:

  • Be visible visibly engaged.
  • Make frequent small talk.
  • Lead with questions.
  • Make appropriate physical contact (handshake, high five, etc.).
  • Find opportunities to laugh with your staff members.

The more these types of actions are executed, the greater the immediacy. And this means a greater human connection – empathy.