Injustice and Oppression

The dictionary falls short on this definition.

Injustice: lack of fairness.

  • It’s not fair that my neighbor was born into a wealthier family than me.
  • It’s not fair that I have healthier genetic makeup than my neighbor.
  • It’s not fair that John won the lottery and I didn’t (well, I didn’t play).

Fairness is important, but none of the three statements above really speak to the depth of injustice experienced by many today.

Injustice holds a meaning that’s much worse than a lack of fairness. Injustice is that sense of being held back or held down without any recourse or anyone to help.

Injustice is different than fairness.

Maybe it’s time that schools stop teaching fairness. Maybe instead, it’s time to begin teaching about injustice and oppression.