It’s Okay to Lose

10 students enter a competition, one wins.

20 teams start a tournament, one wins.

500 schools apply for a grant, one wins.

If you compete, odds are against you. It’s just simple math. That knowledge can be liberating or debilitating.

The great thing about school leadership is you don’t have to compete in someone else’s game. A solid vision and mission can define the game you wish to play. It allows your team to make the rules, and it allows you to be the sole competitor.

Or you can watch what everyone else is doing in those bright and shiny school districts and try to compete.

Ultimately, it’s up to the leader to decide.

What game will you play?

And by the way, it’s okay to lose – sometimes.


What’s the difference between a solid vision and a mere vision statement?

That’s the topic in this podcast episode: