Leadership: The Fulcrum in School Culture

School culture is the engine of your school’s success, but it’s not an engine that’s bolted to a frame. Largely, because school culture is not an actual machine, but a living collective organism comprised of humans, thoughts, beliefs, traditions, and actions.

So where does school culture rest?

On the single fulcrum of leadership.

Here’s a quick rant in audio form that helps to flesh out this idea:

The fulcrum paints the picture perfectly because leadership is not the only piece in the equation of effective schools. But it is the single agent that can tip the balance. Principals are the point in the fulcrum, administrative leadership teams, teacher leadership, and student leadership are all pieces of the fulcrum. But make no mistake, the fulcrum is leadership – not leaders, not positions, not mandates, but it is the leadership that people practice.

Leadership is the relational quality that allows someone to serve, give, and inspire others. It doesn’t happen by strategy as much as it happens through passion, drive, and relationships. It’s that full-fledged balance between No Excuses and Empathy.

A school can have all the right curriculum and instruction in place, but without leadership balancing the school culture, impact on learning will not reach its full potential.

But with effective leadership, school cultures can thrive, be a place of service, and be a force for good in students’ lives and in communities.

Make no mistake the fulcrum is leadership – not leaders – but the leadership they practice.