Let’s Talk About These Scores (Not Humans)

Scores are great because they summarize performance and help us make inferences about learning. Are scores the same as learning? Are scores the same as learning results?

Read this conversation between two professionals Educator A and Educator B to see what I mean:

A: Let’s sit and talk about your scores.

B: Okay, what do you think?

A: Well, yours are 10 points lower than these four teachers. What’s wrong?[pullquote align=”right”]Behind every score is a human with a special story. [/pullquote]

B: I’m not sure why they’re different. I do know I have four students who are struggling. The first student…[interrupted]

A: That doesn’t matter. What is wrong with your performance?

B: I was saying that this student lost his…[interrupted]

A: No. I’m asking about your classroom. Why are these scores lower than other classes?

B: I’m telling you how his father passed away, and this second student…[interrupted]

A: Doesn’t matter. Get your scores up.

Does it matter? It sure does. Behind every score is a human, with a special story.