Mafost Mashup Episode 1: Not So Grand Opening

Yesterday, the Mafost Mashup podcast started, and I’m thrilled it wasn’t a grand opening. Episode 1 is titled Not So Grand Opening for a reason…

Think about how many times someone told you that you need to get buy-in for your new ideas. This advice is one way you might be tempted to seek out the grand opening strategy. This strategy includes:

  • Creating a large-scale plan.
  • Giving a polished presentation.
  • Trying to convince your people this is a great idea.
  • Ask their input to get their buy-in to your idea (different than asking to listen).

But do grand openings actually create long-term success? What effect do grand openings actually have on the attention span of our schools? What are the effects of having a grand opening one after another?

These questions and more are discussed in Episode 1 of the podcast. I’d be humbled if you checked it out on your next workout, commute, or even while cooking dinner. You can listen to it everywhere podcasts are available.

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