Memorials, Why Your School Needs Them

Veterans Day marks a time to remember the end of World War I. At that time it was the world’s most horrific violent events. Since the 1950s, Veterans Day has also been a time to honor those who served and serve in the Armed Forces. I’m thankful for their service and thankful for a holiday that commemorates them.

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Memorials are powerful ways to commemorate challenges and heroism. They create culture. They tell stories.

What challenges and major problems do you face in your school or district?

Problems become the starting point for a shared purpose. Without a problem, there’s no overarching and unifying purpose. Don’t just solve problems. Don’t just minimize problems. Memorialize them.

A memorial creates a milestone. It’s the capstone to a narrative. The story of a problem your school embraced, courageously conquered, and moved passed.