Research on Empowerment

In a very thorough study, researchers (see link below) outlined the benefits of empowerment in the workplace. What I found interesting in the study was how the leadership strategy of empowerment was broken down into 5 concrete and operational terms. They are:

  1. Increased choice in work.
  2. Making the impact of the work visible.
  3. Working in areas of strength.
  4. Finding meaningfulness in work.
  5. Personal significance in work.

It’s a common belief that empowerment is an effective leadership strategy in schools, but there’s not a lot out there regarding actual school leadership tactics to use.

That’s why this week’s episode of the Mafost Mashup is 6 Ways to Empower Your School. In this episode, I shared 6 tactics based on this research for you to use or to adapt to your setting.

You can listen to it and get the free download of the research on the podcast page.