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Resources for Principals and School Leadership

Welcome to the resource list for principals and school leadership. Download and save any resource you need. Feel free to modify and use as needed.

School Leadership Resources

Principals’ Seminar Articles

High-quality, action-oriented articles written for principals. On topics such as developing aspiring leaders, handling changing conversations, and tools such as time management and meeting management.

Mafost Marketing

Expand your voice. Increase engagement with your community. Develop new relationships and opportunities among those you’re seeking to serve. Strategy and solutions for schools, communications directors, and educational companies.

Spiral WarmUps

Spiral curriculum resource for reading teachers and interventionists. 

Building a Winning Team in your PLCs

Goals and Data

BHAG Goal-Setting .docx

BHAG Lag and Lead Data .docx

Focused Strategy Plan .xlsx

Our Culture an Editable PowerPoint

You can download and edit this presentation by clicking the document button (2nd from the right) in the slideshow above.

Podcast for Principals

Here are the three top downloaded episodes of the Mafost Mashup. You can listen to all the episodes here.

Free Downloads for Principals and School Leaders

How Many Teachers Are Actually Engaged?

by Gallup

This Gallup study looks into the percentage of employees who are actually engaged in their work. The results might surprise you! (4-minute read)

Transforming Teacher Relationships

by Matt Foster

Actionable tips and insights for helping teachers increase ownership of student results, minimizing victims and villains, and helping teams celebrate each other’s successes. (4-minute read)

Agents of Change

by Richard Lee Colvin

This is a practical article for principals who wish to make positive changes, yet also seek to maintain a strong and healthy school culture. It highlights experiences of school principals and offers actionable tips. (8-minute read)

Back to the Future: Visioning Protocols

This is an excellent resource for building a vision for a department or teacher team. A good time to use this protocol is in the early stages of creating a plan or project. Use it to structure an hour-long meeting and walk away with well-formulated ideas for the early stages of improvement efforts.

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