Rust in the Through Hulls

Through-hulls are actually holes placed in the bottom of a boat. They serve many purposes such as water to cool engines, toilet plumbing, and a source of water to spray the boat down while at sea.

When neglected, or simply after years in the water, the through-hulls can rust.

This can pose major issues which include wood rotting and water leaking into the boat.

The key is to pay close attention to the through-hulls and maintain them well.

In a school, the through-hulls are the conduits that connect you to networks within and without of your school and district.

They’re easy to overlook because they don’t appear to be the major components of a school system. Just like in a sailboat, they’re not the sails, the cabin, or the hull.

Your connections outside of your school and outside of your “job” are critical components in your professional growth and leadership development.

So the question is, where are your through-hulls? Are they maintained or do they gather rust?

A premiere “through-hull” or school leadership network is available to you here. I invite you to take a look.