A Season of Gifts

The holiday season is a season of gifts. Giving gifts. Receiving gifts. But what about celebrating gifts?

  • What if you used this month to celebrate the gifts that your people bring everyday?
  • What if this month was used to celebrate the strengths of your people?
  • What if you used this month to begin creating habits of celebration with your people?

Imagine the good will it would produce – the gratitude and appreciation. Imagine how the energy would spill into classrooms and toward students. Gratitude doesn’t erase your challenges, but it makes them easier to address.

If you’re reading this blog, you already do this. You’re the type of leader who already:

  • Sets aside time at each meeting to celebrate strengths.
  • Communicates in every email a celebration.
  • Embeds celebrations into your monthly messaging.
  • Includes celebrations into your weekly reflections.
  • Uses face-to-face conversations to show how you value your people.

I’d love to hear other ways you craft a culture of celebration. You can leave me a comment at mafost.com/pod or join me on Twitter for the #822chat tonight at 8:22pm CST when we discussed building habits of celebration into your culture.