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  • Fall and Initiative Fatigue

    What can leaves teach us about initiative fatigue? Fall is upon us (well, not yet here in Houston). Leaves are going through their annual changes, and in some places in the Northern hemisphere, they’ve already fallen. The dying leaves are a necessary part of growth. Old leaves die and make room for new growth in […]

  • A Yes Culture

    While it’s good to be able to say no to good ideas to leave room for great ideas, it’s better to say yes. And to say yes again. Repeat yes until the right yes catches on. Then say no. Yes to innovation. No to pendulums. Yes to ideas. No to pendulums. Yes to creativity, risk-taking, […]

  • What If Schools…

    What if schools served students who wanted to go there for a specific purpose. That is, instead of generalized curriculum and programs the school served specialized services. And not just curricula but in all aspects such as: Time Location Attendance Staffing Electives Early College Business Opportunities Community Projects What if schools were specialized? A school […]

  • Do You Schedule Major Resets?

    A major reset is one of three ingredients in the recipe for continuous innovation. The other two are Go, No-Go Dates and A/B Testing. Without all three ingredients, change is perceived as haphazard and disruptive. With these three ingredients, change is systematic and strategic. It’s an expected part of what you do. So, again, I […]

  • Excellence

    Don’t shoot for perfect. Also, don’t ever be satisfied with the quality. Always. Press. Status. Quo. It’s about the pursuit of excellence.

  • Be Bold This Year

    Maybe the shortest blog post, yet. Simply, be bold this year. Listen here >>

  • Fear and Creativity

    In previous posts, I’ve shared thoughts on fear of criticism and the tension of creativity that rests on the fringe of conflict. Best-selling author Elizabeth Gilbert also shared thoughts on fear and creativity. You may recognize her from the book, Eat, Pray, Love. She shared her insights on creativity in Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond […]

  • Paradox of Medium Rare

    First, two quick definitions: Medium – something in a middle position. Rare – not found in large numbers, consequently valuable. There enormous pressure in schools for parents to thrust their children into the middle. The middle of a peer group, the flow of the curriculum, the standard college-bound timeline, and many other mediums. There’s also […]

  • Minimum Viable Time

    There are all sorts of psychological reasons for perfectionism. There are also many negative results, one of which is time. It’s easy to find many reasons to take the maximum time to accomplish and to do. Instead, what if schools, and school leadership, operated with the concept of minimum viable time? And we’re not speaking […]

  • Lives of Quiet Desperation

    Whether you move or stand still, a choice still is made. The way you lead is a choice. The way you relate is a choice. The choice to go or not to go is a choice. Start and stop. This or that. A choice must always be made. It’s not the disruptions in life that […]

  • Are You Ready to Create?

    Learning happens by listening, watching, attending, wondering, reflecting, and many other internalizing behaviors. Learning also happens through externalizing behaviors such as creating. Find your outlet as a professional. Find your canvas. And extend your professional learning beyond your daily circle. Are you ready to create? Be sure to tag me in your creations on Twitter […]

  • Plan Your Half-time

    What do you do when you hit roadblocks? That’s a troubling question, because it implies you didn’t plan for the dip. You knew roadblocks would occur. Instead of responding to roadblocks. Plan for them by planning a half-time…and quarters. Imagine a basketball game without half time and without quarters. The planned break gives the losing […]

  • School Brands that Excel

    What do these high schools have in common? Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology (Virginia) Baccalaureate School for Global Education (New York) BASIS Peoria (Arizona) International Academy of Macomb (Michigan) Meridian School (Texas) BASIS Flagstaff (Arizona) BASIS Tuscon North (Arizona) BASIS Oro Valley (Arizona) BASIS Chandler (Arizona) BASIS Scottsdale (Arizona) Many of them […]

  • Creativity is Not About the Box

    Thinking outside the box… do you remember those desk ornaments from the 1990s?   They were a few inches tall and were sold at stores like Successories.   One of the ornaments was a box with a teetering metal bar.   On one end of the bar was a counterbalance, and on the other end, a […]

  • Creativity in Schools (Short Video)

    Is creativity a focus in schools? What role should creativity play in our curricula? Are our systems, by no fault of our own, built on promises from the industrial age? Are state standards and mandated tests designed to create stability and safety? Is the system designed to create early 20th century “good” laborers who follow the rules […]