Time to Stop, Time to Start

It’s time.

Time to stop viewing resources with limitations.

Time to stop leading from email and communicating via the telephone game.

Time to stop treating your staff as if they are in the way of learning.

Time to stop treating yourself as if you’re on a treadmill that’s designed to chase brush fires.

Time to stop looking at passing rates as if they were a crystal ball.

Time to stop accepting mandates in place of shared vision.

It’s also time.

Time to start seeing opportunity and abundance.

Time to start leading from the trenches and communicating empathy for your people.

Time to start treating your people as if they are humans with immeasurable strengths.

Time to start treating yourself as if you’re born to lead, because you were!

Time to start looking data within the context of measuring impact.

Time to start with shared vision.

It’s time.