What is a Blog Crawl?

It’s not everyday that you are able to connect with school leaders from around the globe. It’s not everyday that you can share ideas and create solutions to problems. But that is exactly what a blog crawl is.

The Blog Crawl

A blog crawl is a small network of school leaders and aspiring leaders who collaborate on a single blog post or article. When that piece is complete, they move to another post or article for another blog.

School Leadership Network

Together, they work on a variety of issues and topics sharing their thoughts and creating something for their own learning in a way that also gives value to others.

Would you like to know more about a blog crawl?

Today’s podcast episode, How To Increase Your School Leadership Network (Blog Crawl), discusses the topic in more detail, including:

  • Why a Network?
  • How to Build Your Network
  • Leadership Collective Efficacy
  • Why a Blog Crawl?
  • What is a Blog Crawl?
  • Biggest Benefit of a Blog Crawl?
  • The Essence of a School Leadership Network
  • Blog Crawl First Steps and Invite

Listen to the Mafost Mashup here.