When Others Count You Out

In my current research of over 40 school districts in Texas, an amazing outlier has surfaced. Here are the stats for this outlier district:

  • 98.1% Attendance Rate
  • 33% of Students Master State Test vs. 20% in the State
  • 86% of Students Pass State Test vs. 75% in the State


Okay, so it’s a high performing school. Where’s the outlier in that?

Glad you asked.

Here’s the rest of the picture:

  • 85% of Students Labeled At Risk
  • 84% English Language Learners
  • 97% Economically Disadvantaged

The stats counted them out. But they showed up. They showed out.


When others count you out, there’s only one voice that really matters.

When gatekeepers lock you out, you make your own gate.

When the odds are stacked against you, you create your own odds.

When the game isn’t fair, you play your own game.




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