5 Morale Boosters for Right Now

This happens to be that time of year where back to school enthusiasm is long-gone, and teaching is deep in the trenches. This is good for learning momentum, but it takes its toll on energy.

Student attendance might be dropping. Staff attendance might also be dropping.

A principal friend of mine asked me this week, “I have a teacher who called in sick on Friday, and then she showed up late on Monday because she was out of town and didn’t get in until 3:30 am. Should I address this?”

She made the right call and had a productive conversation with the teacher.

But it’s true. This time of year is when morale drops – it’s just nature.

That’s why this is the time – right now – for these 5 morale boosters. Plus, they’re not gimmicks, and they don’t cost anything.

5 Morale Boosters for Teachers and Staff

These five morale tips focus on a critical aspect of morale – sincerity of purpose. You’ll notice there are no jeans passes or soda carts.

That’s not to say those things are ineffective – they are great. But they focus on enthusiasm and appreciation. These five morale tips invest in genuine relationships that support your vision and mission.

  1. Show Up and Engage: Mushrooms make bad leaders (more on that at my other blog) – they prefer isolated offices. Don’t be a mushroom. Instead, stay in the light, stay visible, bring the energy that your teachers need to bring to their students.
  2. Lead With Questions: Never miss an opportunity to spark a conversation with your teachers and staff. More than the words, you are exchanging valuable emotional equity that will pay long-term dividends.
  3. Use First Names: This shapes culture. It removes just one more barrier. Plus, people love hearing their name.
  4. Focus on the Mission: Reiterate. Re-communicate. Continually clarify. And always find ways to celebrate any and every little win that points toward the mission.
  5. Have Fun: If your work is your passion, this one is the easiest, and it communicates a sense of security and passion for what we do.

These five morale tips are about investing in genuine relationships that support your vision and mission.