9 Change Resistors That You Must Manage Successfully

Like gravity, old ruts constantly pull us into their path.
Also like gravity, only a bigger mass can free us from their pull.

Question is, how do we create a bigger mass?

Another question is, what are the masses that create ruts?

Let’s start there – masses that act like gravity and resist change.

Here are 9 change resistors that you must manage successfully:

  • Thinking habits
  • Behavioral habits
  • Calendar habits (read here more on time management for school leadership)
  • Meeting norms
  • Planning processes
  • Conversational habits
  • Cultural openness
  • Collective reflection processes (or lack thereof)
  • Infrastructure (physical and virtual spaces)

I think we could add a few more to the list.

And this list goes to show why change is easily resisted and hard to effectively execute.

If you’re looking for resources (for yourself or to share) on change, I’ve compiled over 3 dozen quick reads exclusively focused on change right here.