Academics vs. Life

First, let me say education is a force for good in every sense of the word. However, academics are a different story.

What are your impressions of the following statement?

One drawback of being in education is the belief that academics are everything. They’re not.

Outside of the sphere of education, everyone knows academics are not everything.

What distinction needs to be made?

Education and schooling are both different than learning and teachability. Here are two examples:

  1. Sports coaches may not consider their sport education or school, but they certainly expect their athletes to learn and be teachable.
  2. A law firm does not consider its business to be education, but you can bet the partners expect all the attornies to learn at high rates.

Success in life, family, work, relationships, and happiness usually have very little to do with academics. They do have a lot to do with learning.

Does your school know the difference? Does that difference drive decision-making?

Does the difference between academics and life drive curricular decisions and offerings?

Changes are coming to education. Is your school ready?