Dominate the Email Machine!

Email is a machine and can quickly become a monster by month 2 of the school year! Here are a few tips to tame it…to dominate the email machine!

Create an Email Time Block

  • Block out 3 times in your day to check it. (10-15 minutes per block)
  • Possible times:
    • After morning rounds and formative classroom visits.
    • Just before being visible in the cafeteria at lunch.
    • The very end of the day…like just before grabbing your keys.
  • Consider communicating your email schedule to your staff, so they can adjust their expectations.

How to Make the Most of your Email Time Block

  • Respond quickly to simple emails.
  • Empower your secretary to respond to questions about campus schedule and procedures.
  • Give complex emails the delayed response, “I want to give this important (question/topic/issue) more thought. Can I get back to you by Wednesday?”

Thanks to Joe McCauley, Principal at Ogden Avenue School, LaGrange, IL for inspiring this post!

Joe McCauley @CauleyMr
“At the end of last year, I stopped having my email tab open all day. Instead, I’ve scheduled specific 30 min windows to check throughout the day. This allows me to focus on deep work, being available for teachers and connecting with kids.”