Goals and Effort

Some goals are attainable. As a matter of fact, some proponents of goal-setting say goals should be attainable. They say it’s a defining feature of a SMART goal.

Other goals are aspirational. They are a stretch. They represent an aspiration.

Let’s look at the difference between attainable and aspirational goals. Four questions may help:

  1. Is your goal attainable with the status quo amount of effort?
  2. Is your goal attainable with a bit more effort?
  3. Is your goal attainable on the condition that you put forth a massive amount of new effort?
  4. Where will you land if you fall short of your goal?

What’s the old saying?

If it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing right.

How would you apply this adage to goal-setting and effort? What is the right goal for you and your school? What is the right amount of effort?

Only you can decide that.

And that’s a decision with far-reaching consequences for you and for the teams you lead.