Career Moves

Life is beautiful, and it’s too short to feel stuck. If your career is not where you want it to be, you have plenty of options:

  • Double down and give more.
  • Back off and regain balance.
  • Examine your friendships, scale up/ back/down to change your influence.
  • Commit to a new project; say no to an old project.
  • Use your position to help others, and see how it changes you.
  • Quit.

The thing is, you can choose. Nothing is a life sentence. There’s always plenty of time to make that change.

But there’s not enough time to drudge through the weekdays just looking forward to the weekend.

This is what we learned from the dolphins and dropouts in the Season 2 finale of the podcast. If you haven’t listened, check it out on Google or Apple podcasts, or right here: