Starting Over is Smart

Imagine climbing a mountain your whole life only to make it 2/3 of the way up at the age of 70. You look up and notice the peak is still steep and far away. But the nature of life is that you also know time is limited. It’s further to go back down and find another path.

…even further to go back down and find a different mountain to climb.

…even further yet to switch from climbing mountains to diving oceans or flying planes.

But that’s exactly what geniuses do.

Elon Musk made it big in the 90s creating a financial website.

Then he up and left it, and started a venture in which he knew nothing about.

Madonna or U2 release a new album that is fresh and completely different, and they sell millions. However, their fans from the 80s are disappointed because the album represents a new artistic direction – a redefinition of their art.

You see, no one is stuck on a path. Paths are meant to be followed and abandoned.

Remember, the next time you feel stuck, remember, you’ll be good company with others who have started over.

Starting over is smart.

How To Start Over in Life

Here are some starting over tips from the Lifehack website:

How to start over when it seems too late, 4 simple ideas from Lifehack.
How to start over when it seems too late, 4 simple ideas from Lifehack.
  1. Gain a Fresh Perspective – You mind is the only restraint. Open up to the idea that starting over is smart, and that other wildly successful folks do it.
  2. Identify the Challenges – Brainstorm the costs, and the costs of not starting over. Remember, time and resources invested in your current path is not a cost – at best it’s valuable experience, and at worst, it’s a merely a memory.
  3. Check In With Your Priorities – After the passage of time, you’ve no doubt discovered fresh priorities. Let those priorities and values lead you – not the emotional ties to the past.
  4. Find the Opportunity – Focus on what’s to gain, what you’ll need to make it on the new path, and adjust your habits accordingly.

Tips on How To Start Over

Here are a few novel bonus tips on how to start over. They aren’t the “make a list” types of tips, but rather ideas that might help you think about starting over in a fresh way.

Clean Your Physical Environment

Thrive Global lists this tip as the first in their list of ideas, and it certainly is unique. Starting over is about direction and goals. But it’s interesting to think that your physical environment can play a strong role in keeping you “stuck”. When my family and I started over, we did just this – we sold everything we owned. It worked great for us.

Don’t Announce That You’re Starting Over

In our web 2.0 world of social media, we love to announce things. Something as big as starting over should certainly merit a little announcement, no?

Not really.

Just do it.

Don’t get distracted by the optics. Document the journey if you must, and then share it later after you’ve already build the momentum of the restart.

Your next steps aren’t about what people can see or what others think. Starting over in life is about you.

Embrace Mistakes as a Way of Learning

It’s not the new path that is scary. It’s the mistakes and failures that are usually the biggest fears. So yeah, go ahead and embrace mistakes as a way of learning.

It’s okay for things to get messy. Enjoy it.

Because soon enough you’ll be polished and efficient on your new path. And the mistakes will make amazing stories to tell.