Freedom, Reality, Possibility

We’re just short of 20 years since that day in world history where freedom came under attack. What role does freedom have in schools? What are the realities and possibilities for freedom in schools?

Freedom implies the responsibility to direct, the power to act without constraint, the will to act within a self-selected intent. Independent learners, the end goal of many schools, require freedom.

Reality is a description of what we perceive to really exist. Students really need direction from an experienced guide. Age and developmental constraints necessitate support structures that restrict freedom.

Possibility expands as our innate constraints are supported or overcome by technological and structural advancements.

Is it possible that we are not far from a school system where the following constraints are removed from the learning process?

  • Bound by geographical location.
  • Singular cultural geography.
  • Local economic status.
  • Linear and standardized curricula.
  • Low ROI per-pupil expenditures.