What Do You See?

The trees vs. forest metaphor can’t fully capture the spectrum of what is seen on your campus. The school is a hub of so many spokes.

Each spoke can be viewed from a different angle, from a different distance, and using a different lens. Often we refer to this as perception. Or expectations. Or vision.

What we see, and how we see, often determines our default actions. What we see can also determine current reality and future reality for your school. As a principal or school leader, this is vital. This is vision.

So what do you see in your school?

Do you see…

  • People striving to connect and engage with something meaningful?
  • Youth building a sense of purpose in our pale blue dot in the Milky Way?
  • Documents, forms, and policies geared to maximize effectiveness?
  • Human-centered decisions?
  • Teams smiling, laughing, and engaging in meaningful work?
  • Teachers giving their best and striving to improve?

I’m not asking, what is at your school? I’m asking, what do you see?