Interview Tip: Get to the Truth

Don’t attempt to win friends in an interview – be direct. This is my favorite interview tip and the best way to get to the heart of what it’s like to work with someone.

Be direct when someone says something you like – tell them you like it and why. On the flipside, be direct when someone says something you don’t like – tell them, “That does not resonate with our school’s culture.” Then tell them why.

Why does this work?

Listening to the candidate’s response in this situation is hands-down the best way to know if the candidate is for your school. Being direct will help you uncover these truths, that you might otherwise miss in an interview cloaked by indirectness:

  • Can the candidate accept feedback?
  • How does the candidate handle pressure?
  • Does the candidate appreciate honesty and openness?
  • Does the candidate bring innovative ideas, even if they aren’t easily accepted?

It’s okay to get to the truth in your interview. Be direct and you will find your best candidates.

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