Better Leaders Better Schools Roadmap

Better Leaders Better Schools Roadmap.

Better Leaders Better Schools Roadmap is a new release that you don’t want to miss. We’re 101 blog posts in, and this is the first time I’ve asked for something, but I’d like to share a book with you and ask you to buy it.

Better Leaders Better Schools Roadmap

This is an easy-to-read book full of self-care, leadership, and school change inspiration, ideas, and innovations. Here’s a link to the book on Amazon*, I think you’ll enjoy it!

“There’s a reason people write manifestos, and The Better Leaders Better Schools Roadmap is an absolute throw down of what we all should be doing in our schools. Danny Bauer pulls on his almost two decades of experience as an educator and lays out the framework with a call to action for anyone working with kids. This book is a must-read, and I know will be a treasured gem for years to come!”

-Adam Welcome, author, speaker, educator,

Danny Sunshine Bauer Interview

Top performing athletes such as Serena Williams and Lebron James visualize themselves being a success before every game. It’s also a powerful strategy that you can use:

  • before that tough parent conference,
  • the pitch to the grant committee, and
  • your first day on a new campus.

This tip is one of the dozens shared by Daniel Bauer in the recent bonus episode of the Mafost Mashup, which you can listen to here.

In this interview, you’re going to get inspirational, innovative, and practical ideas from Danny “Sunshine” Bauer as we discuss his new book, Better Leaders Better Schools Roadmap.

Topics in this interview include:- Part 1: The Inward Journey of Leadership- Holding Difficult Conversations- Being Other People Focused- Routines To Perform Your Best- Genuine Empathy- Morning SAVERS Routines- Helping People Reach Their Dreams- Giving to Give- Free Coaching Opportunity- Part 2 Leading Your School- Envision Your Best School- Fighting Isolation for School Leaders- Always Questioning the Why

Quotes from Better Leaders Better Schools Roadmap

“In education, just like anywhere else, we have to engage in tough conversations because the work is high-stakes. But often we remain silent or go into attack mode when conversations are difficult.

“The first enemy is isolation. When leaders work independently and operate as silos, they regularly make poor decisions. The only antidote is human connection.”

“It is a myth that as the leader you need to do everything by yourself and/or have all the answers.”

“In The Better Leaders Better Schools Roadmap, Danny gives educators a clear roadmap toward success in schools as each section provides practical steps to engage in the work of leadership. He links relevant books, research, and voices from the field via his popular Better Leader Better Schools podcast so you can take the learning even further. From developing a culture to setting boundaries, Danny puts his heart and soul into each word–a must-read for all educators.”-Jessica Cabeen, nationally distinguished principal  Preview the chapters and buy the book, Better Leaders Better Schools Roadmap, here on Amazon.