Masterclass Is Now Open!

This is a limited seating professional learning opportunity. It’s a Masterclass from Principals’ Seminar featuring authors, superintendents, and educational leaders TJ Vari and Joseph Jones.

You should consider registering.

Here’s why.

Compassionate Candor Creates Success

You have audacious goals.

But the reality is – you’re never going to accomplish them without mastering the craft of candor.

Goals worth achieving require assistance – teamwork – collaboration.

And effective communication is either the barrier or the enabler that builds the momentum you need.

That’s where compassionate candor comes in.

Compassionate candor is a craft that takes time to master.

When you take the 9 Traps of Giving Feedback Masterclass, you’ll finally have a plan that helps you master this communication craft and actually accomplish your goals.

What Is The Masterclass?

Dr. Joseph Jones and Dr. TJ Vari will walk you through the nine traps of giving feedback. Each week you’ll discover 2 candor cancellations and practice the conversation skills need to to give candid and compassion feedback to your teachers and staff.

  • 5 Scheduled Zoom Call up to 90 Minutes Each
  • Small Group (Less Than 12 Seats)
  • Breakout Groups (Collaborate with other Growth-Minded Leaders)
  • Discover & Practice
  • Apply & Receive Feedback in the Zoom Calls

Not Convinced? No Problem

There’s no convincing needed. TJ and Joe are releasing three free videos to help you get started building the skill set of compassionate candor.

The videos are free. They’re short.

And they’re the second best thing you can do today.

The best thing you can do is register for the masterclass.

I’ll be there, and I look forward to seeing you in the masterclass.





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