Passion Talks

This is a great strategy when you have new hires or when your teams are new to each other. It also works great in a back-to-school setting.

Passion talks invite team members, or requires team members, to give a 60-second talk about anything in the world are passionate about.


  • Creates connections among educators within your school.
  • Builds a low-risk level of vulnerability.
  • Helps teammates to look past the veneer of the professional.

Many organizations use these as a way to highlight the person behind the educator. It showcases people each with their own unique interests and outside lives.

It’s easy to hide behind walls of professionalism and professional reputation. A passion talk is a great way to get teachers and staff members to see each other as people first and educators second.


What do you think? Have you used this strategy or a similar one? How might this work in your setting? Send me your thoughts here >>