Pizza Panels

Pizza panels are simple ways to engage parents and students in developing a shared vision. They really are a must-do for summer break. What is a pizza panel?

  • Group of 5-10 students
  • Discussing questions drafted by school leadership
  • Eating pizza
  • In front of an audience (at least parents)
  • Any age group

To get started with pizza panels, plan 2-4 meetings. Let each meeting explore new questions built on the previous pizza panel. Video each panel and share it.

Then watch the magic of student perspectives mixed with pizza. If they are willing, have them for back to school staff meetings. Listening to students can give you more data than any survey or any test score!

Pizza panels were a topic on a bonus segment of the Mafost Mashup. You can listen to more episodes on Apple Podcasts, Google Play, or Overcast.





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