The Case for Curiosity

If you have a strong desire to know something, it’s much like any other strong desire humans have – the desire to eat, to drink, to breath.

Once that desire takes place, there’s no obstacle that’s too large.

It’s curious then, that not one single teacher preparation program has a course on curiosity.

It’s curious because it seems that curiosity is one of those magic components required to becoming a life-long learner.

Why then are we not developing the teacher training programs around this, and other, components of lifelong learning?

Imagine if a teacher was highly skilled at the 7 question types that increase curiosity.

Imagine even further if we prepared teachers with masterful expertise on:

  • Communication methods that spark curiosity.
  • Lesson design that begins with curiosity.
  • Course development that creates curiosity.
  • And assessment practices that value curiosity.

I’m curious about how that might change education.

What do you think?