Three Conversation Catalysts

The quickest way to shut down a coaching conversation is to offer ideas. Yes, it’s efficient, but it’s not effective.

Instead, try one or all of these conversation catalysts:

  1. Paraphrase. “It sounds like you’re saying that you use ___ as a way to ___. How do you think that’s working?”
  2. Flipside. “On the one hand, you’re trying to do ___, but on the flipside, you feel like you need to ___. Which way do you want to go?”
  3. Value. “What are thoughts about what should happen? Where do you want to go with this ___?”


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Today, the season 2 finale of the Mafost Mashup will post. Topics include:

  • Dolphins
  • Curiosity
  • Dropout Success
  • Piaget in 2018
  • Unseen Horizons

I hope you’ll enjoy.