The Instructional Plan

Undoubtedly your scores are in (or coming soon). What now? A PowerPoint? Large paper printouts of data? Maybe you will work on an instructional plan for your campus – a real actionable plan, not a paperweight/dust collector.

What is the Instructional Plan?

This is a summer draft to plan the priorities for instructional focus in the coming school year. It’s where you look for gaps in the achievement data. Start at the big picture then work down to class by class. Where are the gaps? Where were the gaps filled (i.e. current performance vs. beginning of year performance)?

Let this work be a guiding draft of where the campus needs to move – where the ship will point. When your crew arrives in the fall semester, empower them to tailor the plan for their teams, their strengths, and their student needs. Your instructional plan will guide discussions, improvement plans, personalized professional development, and your communication strategy.

Keep it simple, keep it focused, and keep it meaningful. That’s the instructional plan.