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The weekly podcast with insanely innovative ideas for school leadership and principals focused on people, culture, and impact. Lead Learning. Improve Schools.

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The Mafost Mashup is a weekly podcast for principals and school leaders designed to offer insanely innovative ideas focused on people, culture, and impact on learning!

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Live Mafost Mashup Videos

Beginning in 2020, the Mafost Mashup went live. It’s now in video and audio formats with the videos published to YouTube 8 days after the audio podcast is released.

Episodes 103-110

Episode 107: Permission to Struggle

How can you lead learning during times struggle? 

This episode provides answers to that question for principals.

Episode 106: Two Pressures that Resist Change

Understanding these two pressures can help any principals avoid plateaus and headaches associated with change resistance. 

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Episode 105: Two End of Year Announcements

  • Year in Review
  • A New Project

Download the Year In Review, a Roadmap for Organizational Success 

Explore the new project for new principals and school leaders at Principals’ Seminar.

Episode 104: Four Misuses of Instructional Coaches

These are four common missed opportunities and missteps when utilizing the role of instructional coaching.

Episode 103: Vision vs Vision Statements

In this first live episode, typical school vision statements are put to the task of becoming visions. Two examples of vivid visions are provided and detailed.

Episode Show Notes

Episodes 100-102

Episode 102: Bonus, Real Gift of Gratitude

Episode 101: Three Communication Missteps (Rebroadcast)

Episode 100: Clarity and Toxicity (Rebroadcast)

Episodes 90-99

Episode 99: Elisabeth Bostwick on Efficiency Problems, Emotional Safety, and Shaping Culture

Episode 98: What Are Principals Learning?

Episode 97: Confrontation and Candor

Episode 96: Mistakes Made, Lessons Learned (Part 2)

Episode 95: What’s a Mistake that Made You Better?

Episode 94: Emotional Hijackers & Problem-Solving

Episode 93: Culture Crafters

Bonus: The Fear Equation for Decision Making

Episode 91: Phrases to Help in Tough Conversations

Episode 90: 18 Questions in 8 Minutes

Episodes 76-89

Episode 89: Brief History of Management

Episode 88: Innovation, Three Riffs

Episode 87: Obstacles and Traits, Part 2

Episode 86: 10 Obstacles and 10 Traits

Episode 85: The Emotional Labor of Teaching

Bonus Episode 84: Academics vs Life

Episode 83: Fear and Creativity

Episode 82: Reflective Leadership

Bonus Episode 81: Shared Accountability (4 Steps)

Episode 80: Team Entropy

Episode 79: Back to School Transformed

Episode 78: Dam Capacity

Episode 77: Staying Focused as a School

Episode 76: Houston, We’ve Had A Problem

Mafost Mashup Season 4 How To

5 Ways to Initiate Change in School Culture

6 Tactics for Empowering Your School

Personalization with Marci Houseman (Part 1)

How to Use Go, No-Go Dates

How to Shift Instructional Climate

How to Keep Your Star Teachers From Quitting You

How to Create Your Vision for the School

How to Craft an Unstoppable School Culture

Mafost Mashup Season 3 Impact

S3 Episode 10: Winning with Bold Empathy

Bonus: Moving Vision to Reality with OKRs

S3 Episode 9: Why You Can’t Create Change in Classrooms (Part 2)

S3 Episode 8: Stop Doing Lists

S3 Episode 7: Where Emotion and Clarity Intersect

S3 Episode 6: Three Communication Missteps

S3 Episode 5: School Brands that Inspire

S3 Episode 3: Why You Can’t Create Change in Classrooms

S3 Episode 4: Inspiration & Accidental Manipulation

S3 Episode 2: Magnified Side Effects of Clarity

S3 Episode 1: The One Thing That Limits Your People

S3 Introduction: Unleashing Your People

Mafost Mashup Season 2 People

S2 Episode 1: Impacting Community

S2 Episode 2: Instructional Coaching (Part 1)

S2 Episode 3: Reading System​​​​s

S2 Episode 4: Failure of Fidelity

S2 Episode 5: Collaboration, A Basic Need

S2 Episode 6: Assessment Data

S2 Episode 7: Process of Coaching (Part 2)

S2 Episode 8:Execution Gaps

S2 Episode 9: Measuring Impact

S2 Episode 10: Impact on Learning

Mafost Mashup Season 1 Culture

Episode 1: Not So Grand Opening

Episode 2: Culture in 3 Simple Steps

Episode 3: Champions Finish Strong (With Research Notes)

Episode 4: Impact

Episode 5: Meaningful Work

Episode 6: Empathy

Episode​​​​ 7: Communication

Episode 8: Clarity and Toxicity

Episode 9: The Real Lessons

Episode 10: No Excuses (Season Finale)

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