Collaboration, A Basic Need

Professional Learning Communities (PLCs) are more than mere lesson planning or book studies…they are a basic human need. In yesterday’s episode of the Mafost Mashup, I had the privilege to sit with Dr. Coryn Prince, school administrator and educational leader, whose recent doctoral research focused on features of successful PLCs.

Topics included:

  • PLCs as a basic human need
  • Naturally-formed PLCs
  • The focus of Effective PLCs
  • The role of a Shared Purpose
  • Trust and Safety
  • How to Build Trust
  • PLC as Family

“Teaching is a really emotional job. You’re pouring your heart out every day to the kids…you’re being vulnerable and revealing things about yourself through your actions and teachings. You need to know you’re in a safe space…if I had to pick one thing that you had to establish in a PLC, it’d be that sense of trust.” -Dr. Coryn Prince


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