Imagine Classrooms That Are Filled With…

Imagine classrooms that are filled with students who:

  • Choose to be in that classroom for a specific purpose.
  • Laugh and cry as their creations inspire, compel, and challenge each other to do more – to do better.
  • Work alone on their own pathways at their own pace.
  • Work together creating connections that enrich their lives.
  • Work at home because the school building does not confine their enthusiasm for learning.
  • Do not pass tests (they don’t take them), because their learning is evident and speaks for itself with no metric translation needed.
  • Think tests are fun games that they breeze through with confident mastery.
  • See the future as their canvas, and school is the time where they are crafting their brushes.
  • Believe school is time, not a place – time dedicated to intentional learning.

What do you imagine classrooms could be filled with?