Invisibility of Good Communication

In episode 7, communication was the ducting or pipes that carry the cooling agent through the engine of school culture. The analogy still stands, but now we look to the invisibility of good communication.

Like cooling pipes in an engine, they’re unseen. No one opens the hood of the car and asks, “Hey man, can I see your coolant?”

Likewise, quality communication is nearly invisible in a school culture. It’s not inconvenient, it’s not ignored, it’s timely, useful, and perfectly matched to the need for personableness.

The invisibility of good communication necessitates a focus on these characteristics:

  • Amplifying student voices.
  • Finding the people where they are.
  • Lead with verbs, not nouns (thanks, Amber Teaman).
  • Usability – Helpful, useful, forward energy.
  • Personability – The approach matches the content. More intense, more personal.

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