New Year Resolutions

The first day of a new year is nearly upon us.

The last day of another year is completely erased.

Then again the first day of a new year is always upon us. And yesterday is always erased. There’s no active rinsing or resetting required. It’s an automatic reboot each day.

Each day is the first of another 365. Each day is the first of another blank canvas.

Why wait for the calendar to tell you when to set a goal? Why wait for a digit to change before you muster the resolve?

If it’s worth doing, it’s worth starting now. The game of “New Year’s Resolutions” is just that. It’s a game.

You’re welcomed to play. But the spectators can all predict the outcome.

Or you can just do it. Starting now. Merely do.

And then tomorrow, just do again. Rinse and repeat each day. And the resolution will come.

Each day is a blank canvas. Make today your masterpiece.






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